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Pittsfield, MA, United States
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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08 Sep, 2012
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Relay Center Manager

About this job
Reports to: Director of Operations


Position Summary: Directs all relay operations and all related operations activities within the Relay Center with primary emphasis on quality and efficiency. Oversees the development of Supervisors, Relay Operators and other staff to ensure success of the company. Has shared responsibility for insuring that relay services, features, and quality standards meet the expectations of relay users.

Essential Functions:

  • Oversees quality on the relay floor. Responsible for determining how to improve the overall quality of relay services by making suggestions that improve call procedures and call processing for relay users. Recommends service or quality improvements based upon the feedback of relay employees and users.
  • Responsible for monitoring the Relay Center financial statement and adhering to budgetary constraints as it relates to the management of the center.
  • Monitors compliance with federal and state requirements related to relay system performance and recommends corrective actions in areas that are in noncompliance.
  • Reviews relay statistics on a daily basis and uses such information to recommend how to increase the efficiency of the center and enhance the quality of service to end-users.
  • Responsible for meeting center staffing requirements determined by the staffing department. Assists the staffing department by making suggestions for contingency plans to meet peaks and valleys of relay traffic.
  • Works with other Center Managers in developing incentive programs that allow us to meet the needs of our customers as well as motivate employees.
  • Manages all personnel issues with Hamilton Human Resources Management in a manner that follows center policies and procedures.
  • Understands, monitors, maintains, and communicates policies and procedures clearly, accurately, and in a timely fashion. Follows and establishes "rules" of decorum, etc. on the relay floor and for general activity within the center.
  • Manage, mentor and coordinate supervisory staff, quality assurance staff, and Relay Communication Assistants as dictated by the Company. Supports activities of Human Resource Representative.
  • Conducts performance evaluations. Oversees performance evaluation process for Relay Communication Assistants. Computes proposed wage rate changes for all personnel and does so in a highly confidential manner.
  • Works with other Center Managers in developing programs that decreases employee turnover. Recommends new programs to reduce absenteeism and continuously make suggestions to improve these programs.
  • Communicates with employees about new development and service enhancements.
  • Shows a high commitment to education and encourages individuals to continue to grow their skills and knowledge. Provides on-going training and supervision to improve employee abilities.
  • Provides a strong source of motivation to Supervisors and Relay Communication Assistants. Develops and fosters a positive, energetic, enthusiastic work atmosphere that stresses team above self.
  • Participates as an active team member with other company leadership.


Other responsibilities:

  • Develops and implements special projects as needed.
  • Performs other work-related duties as assigned.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule when needed.
  • Makes efficient use of technology for optimum production results.
  • Works consistently with minimal supervision.

Preferred education, experience and skills:

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience. Two to three years management experience in a call center, relay or telecommunications environment.
  • Experience and knowledge of American Sign Language or deaf culture is desirable.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work. Strong verbal, written, analytical and interpersonal communications skills including the ability to read, speak and understand English well.
  • Ability to stand, sit and walk for extended periods of time.